The Hot Tub Piranhas

Performance Dates

Please be sure to check our performance schedule often as it is always changing to include new shows all the time. 

The Hot Tub Piranhas debut this new venue that boasts terrific food and libation as well as some of the hottest live entertainment in the area! We are thrilled to be included into the Muddy Waters Pub & Restaurant family of bands. We ask you to join Wes & the boys as we show them our brand of Rock! Be sure to wear them dancing shoes... you'll be needing them! Band starts at 8:30 p.m., but get there early to grab a table and energize yourselves with some outstanding victuals! Muddy Waters is where you need to be for great food, drink , service and outstanding music provided by The Hot Tub Piranhas! See you then...


The Hot Tub Piranhas are back at this terrific little night spot where the food, drink and service is always outstanding... Muddy Waters is also renown for having some of the hottest musical acts from around the North Shore. The Hot Tub Piranhas are thrilled to be back for what will be their 2nd performance date at this fun and friendly Restaurant/Pub. Make a date & don't be late! That's right, get there early and find a great table and order up some great food to keep you fueled for a night of dancing to the smooth and rockin' groove of THE HOT TUB PIRANHAS! Music starts at 8:30. Peace Out...


The Hot Tub Piranhas will be performing Saturday, 2/8/19 at Machaca. The band is excited to be debuting this wonderful Restaurant & Pub... The food and the drinks are excellent and this establishment is frequented by many friendly locals. If you haven’t experienced Machaca yet, why wait? Go check it out today! Machaca consistently has great live entertainment every weekend... and of course, we hope you will be sure to attend when The Hot Tub Piranhas make their debut for this fun restaurant/pub. We have a great show planned for you...We hope to see you there!


We  ARE The Hot Tub Piranhas and we look forward to providing you with the very best in Live Entertainment for your club, bar, tavern venue, or any private event you wish to hold. it Wedding, Birthday, Retirement, Graduation... Basically, any function you should choose to host, you can count on us to provide top notched musical entertainment that'll have your guests dancing on their chairs! Think of The Hot Tub Piranhas for your special event.


The Hot Tub Piranhas return to The Beverly Franco-American on Saturday, March 28th. We really Rocked the place last time we performed there and due to a scheduling issue our other date had to be postponed. The Franco books way ahead and unfortunately for us, March was the earliest they could get us back in there, however, we're #1 on the call list should they have a cancellation from another band which can happen from time to time. In a situation such as that, The Hot Tub Piranhas will always try to take the gig... provided we are not previously booked... We encourage all of our venues to give us a call in the event a band has to cancel on them. We're almost  always willing, if available... Be sure and join the boy'z at The Beverly Franco... We plan on ROCKIN' THE HOUSE, once again!